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Feature list:


Resize. Resize any window to any size, even bigger than the screen.


Fullscreen. Make any window fullscreen.


Transparency. Change the opacity of any window.


Hide taskbar. Hide or show the taskbar with one key shortcut.


Top most. Make any window stay on top of others.


Drag. Drag any window with the mouse by clicking anywhere in it.



ScreenSpace supports Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, and requires the .NET framework 3.5 or later, that you can download for free HERE.


What is ScreenSpace about?

ScreenSpace enables you to resize and move any application the way you want, so that you can expand to fullscreen any part of an application. Most applications are designed for desktop computers. When using these applications on a netbook or a small laptop computer, some of them are just unusable because the screen is too small. Classic magnifier tools just zoom what is shown on the screen, and the result can be messy as the pixels get blurry. ScreenSpace avoids this as it allows you to get fullscreen windows without loosing any of the rendering quality. Other features have been included, such as transparency, top most window and mouse dragging.

To download ScreenSpace or for more information, please visit the ScreenSpace page.

Here is how you can make an application fullscreen in four simple steps: